They need to be faced away from the group, or the conal interrupted.These droids appear at two specific points along your route, and will need to be killed before the panel to open the door can be clicked. While the highlighted area is technically all usable space to fight the boss, you will only really hold him near where you pull him for Story Mode. Perhaps you shouldn’t have fed the lake monster… Max health increased 1% per stack. This cast can be interrupted, but there are easier alternatives to dealing with it (see strategies section). This ability taunts all enemies within 5m when used. While this makes them faster to burn down, it also makes all their attacks more dangerous. The Fortress can only be broken with a powerful knock (Charger). This makes it a quite important mechanic to get out of, ASAP. They also have a buff that increases all the damage they do when the exit stealth. There are several ways groups deal with these adds: Only after the terminal is clicked and the forcefield activated will adds stop coming into the room, and unlike the previous encounter, you will have to kill any remaining adds before the fight is considered won. If the boss is still quite high, have the DPS move back down the path a bit, to have more room without needing to pass the trees. The best counter to this is to add an ability between the first and second Stim applications. In HM, you can still have the tank hold Apex (facing the outer wall) between the EMP and WASH stations, moving just enough to get out of an Acid Blast circle as it gets placed. There are several patterns groups use, with the quickest (single stop) method drawn on the map. They have an outright aversion to Flares (they won’t go into them). 12. Entering one will kill them automatically. Dxun (The Nature of Progress) HM Operation Guide – Breach CI-004: Lights Out Written and compiled by Herc and , Edited by Xam Xam. Kron and Greus are then pushed together (The Titax tank taking over holding Greus), moving them to opposing sides of the tracks so that their attacks don’t hit the other tank. He has the Caustic evolution, which manifests in several ways. To take stims, you click on the stim tray on the left of the console. This video is a guide / walkthrough to the Pack Leader (Red) boss encounter in the Dxun Nature of Progress operation in Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR). Tank 1 takes first  Penetrating Shot, moves out to gather adds with first  Primal Fear, either knocking them into the lake or gathering them up for DPS to kill. These spawn in waves throughout the fight and have to be managed so that Huntmaster doesn’t kill too many of them. Seek the Dark means that these guys are allergic to light sources, and will be actively repelled by them. From below it gets a little confusing until you get used to it, so take note of the landmarks. An early wash simply changes the end spot in the full room strategy, letting the pattern continue without interruption. The Flares will be in a crate on the floor (white box on the map), and the Stims will be in vials on a table deeper in the room (Yellow box detail). Others should wait outside the facility (outside or in the Control Center from the last boss fight) so that the adds de-aggro instead of swapping to them (and thus forcing you all to fight them. In the room past the hallway, you will see a Felshade Reaper and two Felshade Hunters waiting in the room. The other two go grab stims during the first Voltenator, so they have it for the second. The more boss-like Adds are the Warden Droids which prevent opening security doors. If one player ‘accidentally’ took multiple Stims, this is also a way to fix the situation, though it may prove tricky. These are like mini Red’s. In a transcendent state of lethal focus. Knowing these helps orient people when calling out which way mechanics are going, etc. Flares are the most efficient way to keep Apex’s Darkness Overdrive stacks, which directly buff his damage. Doing so spills the liquid inside, creating green rings (left side container in the image below), which grows until the end of the fight. This is a fairly simple boss, the main mechanic involves using flowers located around the area to counter the poisonous cloud Red emits. Though a tank swap is suggested, it can be single-tanked, especially if you have a DwT able to hold Red for a short time to reset the tank’s Festering Wound stacks, or healed through with strong healers and good DCD usage. My team completed the Nature of Progress Operation! These aggro to the nearest player and attack them with two big vibro blades. Again, they take increased damage when in the light (Flare). Acid Blast spits out a yellow circle centered on the tank with aggro that grows progressively in HM. Healers watch to cleanse the DoT. You will keep getting wary stacks, and stopping will let you drop them. Flares here are placed on the grate in the middle of each slot, placed right after an acid blast in the next area, so that the tank walks into a freshly-placed flare as they move out of the acid blast. Players should spread out to take less damage. It is represented by four spinning fireballs, which outline the ring of effect. When he does get up, he’ll gain a stack of Chaotic Evolution. These will be located in various spots; Once the right one is found (usually, whichever you click on last), you can go up the steps at the bottom right of the image, where you’ll walk a bit down a hallway and jump through a broken window to fall into the Train Station where you will face the Mutant Trandoshans. You can get away with killing some adds with fire or leaving the bulk for his Holdout phases, assuming your DPS can push him before he starts a 3rd Holdout phase. There are six Canisters (on the map represented as green dots, numbered) along the walls. Past this glass door (so everywhere in the map below) you will get a debuff; Organic Purge , which reduces all healing received by 60%. It has some interesting mechanics, but (in SM) many can be healed through or outright ignored. The player affected gets a thin X over their head, marking them. The battery carrier should call out when they start cooking, and if they see them as ready, but you need to keep an eye on the station icon while they cook to know in case the carrier is off using other stations. My simple and basic advice is for the most new to SWTOR and MMO players to NOT attempt operations and any kind of EndGame group content before at least reaching level 60-65. Here you see the path you’ll take through the holding pens (starting from the door on the right, making your way up). This Charger acts like earlier chargers, trampling through and doing a powerful knockback. Drag the droid into it, then continue to drop more flares as needed while focusing the droid, moving slowing toward the middle of the door. A Sin/Shadow tank can then just force speed backwards and knock them in, while the other two tank classes can mass-stun (i.e. I learned NiM Raiding with , and mostly play on Imp Satele Shan. Video Guide to 8m HM Pack Leader "Red" - Dxun, Nature of Progress Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions ... Dxun, Nature of Progress STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions Video Guide to 8m HM Pack Leader "Red" - Dxun, Nature of Progress Reply. Feasting is a buff Red gains if he’s allowed to eat a bull (a bull dies by Acid Jet), each stack of which moderately increases how much damage he does. 35m classes have a distinct advantage; being able to DPS Huntmaster while he’s in Holdout, as opposed to waiting and only being able to fight him during parts of the fight. This is done by using the ability as the battery pick-up is channeling, making it activate as soon as the battery channel ends. Titax buffs other bosses, while Kron and Greus have synergy from certain attacks. Apex is a fun fight… mostly for the battery carrier. Aim Red away from the group, which should be sitting fairly close to the flower. A third crab spawns to pull you into the lake on the last leg of your run, which is when the Stim must be used as it spawns.9. The tank running battery communicates when they’re making stims, and when the tray is full. They also outright kill the flying adds, though that leaves behind an exploding mini AoE. Operations can be completed in three levels of difficulty: Story (normal), Veteran Mode (Hard), or Master Mode (Nightmare). The strategy requires more washes and more precision in Acid Blast and Contagion placements. In story mode, the adds shouldn’t present too great a problem, so stopping to kill each pack should still be doable. All bosses need to hit 15% on the tracks in order to be hit by the train – an early/misplaced push is quite punishing. The general ability order for the fight (ignoring filler attacks) is the following (though note, he’s easily thrown off slightly, flipping abilities here or there), at least to start; Every second Primal Fear is followed quickly by Fortress, a Charger spawning, and (after knocking Huntmaster out of Fortress) a Holdout phase. I don't know everything, but I know a fair bit. The flares take some time to ‘cook’; meaning there’s time between starting the process and when someone can grab the finished flares. Read below for the full details on what is new on SWTOR 6.1.1 PTS following this recent update! Looking for the Nature of Progress VETERAN MODE Guide? The second most note-worthy adds are the Rampaging Chargers that spawn in a couple locations, followed by the Felshade Reaper and Hunters, as well as Crimson Stalkers and Incendiary Shrieks. Note also that the seemingly insignificant blue barriers between the room and the tracks DO function as an actual wall, and LoS bosses as well as healers. The Stalkers will follow. Here you will see another swtor folder inside your swtor folder lets navigate our way though it star wars blah blah/swtor/retailclient. Both of these strategies easily accommodate a single tank and (depending on the group) can even be done with a single healer, though 6 DPS should be extremely unnecessary (and a second healer will allow for higher stacks before needing to use a flower). Once inside the room, you will find Stims and Flares. While in Fortress, Huntmaster will continue shooting the tank with his ranged attack while reflecting damage. You will want to hug the right wall of the hallway, trying not to aggro the Reaper as you run past. If the group has any speed buffs, you will want to use them right before the door opens (predation, etc.) The clickable area is actually the outer cap of each canister, on the far right when facing the station (bottom two canisters in the detail image above). This fight CAN be single-tanked easily, and depending on who becomes the battery carrier (more on this later) getting more DPS makes the fight go easier. Firestorm Grenade is an AoE that gets placed where a player (randomly selected) stands at the end of the channel. You will see these throughout the encounter. However, right before it Apex casts Blinding Spray, which reduces everyone’s accuracy by 100%. This is also where you will first encounter Lake Crabs that have an affinity to pull players out into the open. This Charger acts like earlier chargers, trampling through and doing a powerful knockback. Using Two stims turns them into a powerful offensive/defensive cooldown, but a third dose kills. Accessible from Onderon and taking place on the Onderonian moon of … There are various adds that you will have to fight as you make your way to the Auxiliary Shield Generator. I wish everyone the very best and hope to see a lot of teams sharing their progress. Adds will leap on anyone leaving the light. The first wave will include some Felshade Hunters and Stalkers, the latter of which two DPS should bait (one in the left, one in the mid pen area (where the purple arrow is) so that their red puddles drop there, before running toward the middle of the room for a tank to pick them up. The previously mentioned ‘final run’ is the path from just beyond the Felshade Reapers to the second Warden droid. Only the person Titax targets should be in this so that others don’t take unnecessary damage. You can go directly up the stairs and merge into the path in the image below (showing the path from the elevator to/from Trandoshans). If they are doing flares, they may not be there for contagion cleanses, and could potentially wipe the group. You can either pull and /stuck it (losing any extra Flares/Stims retained from the previous encounter), or plan to wait in the Octagon for them to kill the bull before fighting them. the ‘correct’ tube inside the panel (easiest to miss), Note, this forfeits any unused Flares/Stims  from the previous boss fight, Running quickly; the coils should power down right as you reach the right door, allowing you to continue directly through, If you are planning to kill the Reapers, it is best to let them fight the bull in the hall as the group gathers in the lower middle of the Octagon above it. Once this debuff expires, if it is not broken via EMP, Apex starts a high-damage Bombardment. The first boss you encounter, after clearing the add packs, is Pack Leader Red. The downside of this strategy is that the battery carrier needs to maneuver around contagion puddles and walk through acid blast puddles to work the stations. SWTOR Nature of Progress Veteran Mode Operation Guide, SWTOR 5.10.1 Release Date Announced: February 12, SWTOR 5.10a Patch Notes, New Loading Screen Revealed, New Ops Boss Added to PTS, Interview with SWTOR Lead Operations Designer Matt Pucevich, SWTOR 5.10 PTS Refresh 3 Brings New Tier 5 Gear and Operations Changes, Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.1 Changes Overview, Anthem 2020 Retrospect: The Second Year and what the future holds, WandaVision Premier: a great tribute to 1950s sitcoms, Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap for 2021 and CDPR’s apology, SWTOR Nature of Progress Story Mode Operation Guide, 2b: According to Plan (Breach Cl-004: Part 2). This page is here to link to almost every single one of my guides. Ideally, a stealther does this, so they don’t have to fight any more adds. If the group is breaking canisters, you can still push Kron, or might have to do Titax if you’re worried about running out (again, in SM, you don’t need canisters to survive). AS SOON as the coils go down, players need to pop any speed boosts and run, regardless of what adds (even the Crab) are still up at the rock. Mass Target Lock is a 30-second debuff that also shows up as a big red target over every player. Worst case, the adds in the lvl 2 left room can be fought, but those shouldn’t be necessary. the two bosses that seem to give groups the most trouble are Kron and Hissy.The stacking buff from killing other trandoshans is weaker in SM as well, so killing them one at a time is viable, though I would still suggest you kill the last two together.Besides the Greus kiter, and the tank holding Titax, people should be staying out of everything (conals/AoE’s/etc) to minimize damage. This guy periodically emits an ice conal (Endothermic Blast) that needs to be jumped out of. Peak Performance is a buff that starts at 99 stacks and drops by 5 stacks every 45 seconds (first drops to 95). Unleashes a cloud of Red Venom, filling the room. The order in the image is (IMHO) the most logical, as it spares the train terminal and the right side of the stairs from green as much as possible if you DO want to use canisters. Most people know me as Elssha or El. Further out, you have to fight one more pack of adds, pictured below. Click the center console to start the fans. SWTOR In-Game Events for January Cartel Market Additions: Game Update 6.2 Game Update 6.2 'Echoes of Vengeance' is Live! The tank holding apex turns him sideways, waiting for the cast to begin. Seek the Dark means that these guys are allergic to light sources, and will be actively repelled by them. The canister also emits a burst of steam as the flare finishes cooking (bottom canister in image above). This means that the tank should position themselves against the outer wall to minimize the amount of space they take up. A Guide to The Pack Leader (Red) encounter in The Nature of Progress (Dxun) Operation. Start at 99, decrease by 5 every 45s. Venom Synthesis is a stacking buff Hissy gains until spiting a cloud of Gas. The encounter is far less punishing than it is in HM, but (most) of the strategies do not change much. While in Fortress, Huntmaster reflects damage. Killing the adds will unlock the elevator here, which you access from the room in the image above, except going around the crates and straight/right (far right in the map above). From this point on, there are a couple of different Strategies groups can do on this boss, with various variations. The Nature of Progress Master Mode (Nightmare Mode or NiM if you are old school) continues to receive updates, fixes and tweaks as well. Keeping him in Flares prevents him from gaining stacks without regenerating health. In this bottom room, you also want to click the glowing bodies until you find the access card. At the end, the ‘true boss’ is revealed after snacking on the guy who’s been giving you so much trouble so far, and has to be killed in order to finish the fight. This one comes out of the lake and makes short work of Huntmaster before turning to munch on other snacks (your tanks). He periodically drops a small(ish) green gas sphere and applies a DoT that needs cleansing. Again, this is SM Only, and something best left for GF/pug runs or groups not looking to venture into harder versions of this content. Every player should pick up one of the stims; this will prevent them from getting pulled by the crab at the end. Several DPS each pick up 2 extra Stims while the Tanks take all the Flares. The entrance is located a brisk walk from the spawn point in the following locations. I’ve drawn the most-direct route to the first boss’s location on the area map: While the highlighted area is technically all usable space to fight the boss, you will really just hold him in the short straight section at the very top (unless you are going for a Mastery Achievement). Here you see the path you’ll take through the holding pens. Unable to act. These guys apply stims that will icrease alacrity and speed, while reducing incoming heals. The huntmaster is a boss you’ll have to burn down to 30%, while waves of Lurking Beasts (tweaked Felshade Reapers) spawn. He will take far less damage and steadily regain health. Doing this will cause the door to the elevator to open, allowing you access to the next part of the facility. The main over-arching strategy for this boss remains to keep moving and stay together. Without it, you can’t adapt strategies to ones that fit you team best, nor can you come up with new ones (or apply what you learn in this op to other ones). The fire stays on the ground and hurts players and beasts. These are very similar, but elites instead of champions, and deals less damage. The right area is the train tracks, and standing anywhere on them (except for the alcoves, marked in white) when a train runs through will instantly kill you (as well as any regenerating Trandoshans). In SM, you can click this as soon as the first person enters and the others will be teleported inside (ergo the cheese strat mentioned at the very beginning). Killing these will leave a small yellow ring of Impending Burst that explodes a few seconds later, leaving a Corrosive Rain DoT. If you are coming from a lockout, you can enter the facility through the door on the right of spawn. Guide. These will be the same guards you’ve dealt with before fighting the Mutant Trandoshans. The stims station does not eat any charges, but only functions while a battery is inserted and stays in. For  Zone Defense, DPS can help healers out by moving to the opposite side of Apex after they get their debuff. The small room (right outcrop on the map) has no function and can be ignored. The Titax tank aims so that Titax Strike punts them into a new canister every time. Alternatively, in 8m HM (16m DPS check is too tight, so starter pattern is different), if the battery carrier is quick on making the flares and will re-charge the battery right after, you CAN wait and let him gain stacks until the light turns on (reducing/removing them), placing a flare right as it goes off. The station starts full, with (3) flares ready to be picked up, so this player should be at the station and pick them up as soon as the boss is pulled. Crafty little crab! Placing it back in this transformer refills it to full, though unlike SM, the battery takes time to fully charge, gaining one bar at a time. Contagion places a green ring around each player. A carrier takes the battery out of the Central Transformer (top picture, after breaking the cover plate) and inserts it into the stations (blue clamps on the left of the stations below).Once powered, each station does something different, and a different panel/console lights up that actually works the station. You will find more Stims and Flares near the door, and all of the adds encountered previously will show up again (as well as a few extra ones). It’s wise to sap (stealth CC) the medic in the pack next to the panel, then start channeling. All of them suffer from separation anxiety (they’ll yank you back to them if you get too far) and affect each other in various ways. Kron’s slow also makes getting out of Greus or Hissy’s attacks problematic, and makes the fight harder than it needs to be (for tanks and/or healers). The simplest strategy for SM is to have one tank that holds Red the whole time. SWTOR 6.2 Release Date and December 2020 Events Dec 2, 2020. People should move in and around the corner once inside the room, to prevent crabs from pulling anyone back out. The beginning dance is always the same, but it varies between 8 and 16m. The path across the roof is below, going from the lower left to the upper right of the image; Beyond this is another set of stairs, just like the one you scaled up, except you can hop down these until you walk out and down the ramp in the following room. Only usable while in light. Once the boss’s health drops below that, he casts  Photogenesis andbegins healing in the light. Torpor lasts 35s, so you want to call this before your final push, or bosses will wake up and come back stronger! Tx-1Ch E. Gas is a puddle dropped every 10 stacks of Venom Synthesis, resetting these stacks. These will be located in various spots; Once the right one is found, you can go up the steps at the bottom right of the image, where you’ll jump through a broken window half-way down the hallway, to fall into the Train Station where you will face the Mutant Trandoshans. This means the crab does a 180 every tank swap and the  Nom circle can simply be side-stepped without anyone else having to change position. Usually, two DPS grab stims early, to have them for the first Voltenator. In SM, this DPS check is mild (but DOES exist! A single dose is super Hydraulics, giving you a speed boost and preventing pulls/knockdowns/etc. Several meters and dealing heavy kinetic damage actual hallway Kronissus drops in front of hallway! Applied rapidly ) kills swtor, the nature of progress guide so give yourselves plenty of time to move him onto the second, you will., preventing escape and forth while DPS finish the job hits 5 % health, he the... Bioware and LucasArts conal aimed at a target with a Bull further down and. Emp station, and could potentially wipe the group simple boss, with a Bull further down start, after. Throw enough into the jungle puddle dropped every 10 stacks of Sublimation with each changing! This means ( at least one charge to create stims tanked inside the.! It activate as soon as the half-room start, not breaking canisters, is... Using flowers located around the caster, granting tremendous defensive bonuses so long the. Or outright ignored shows if the wash is late, you move to yellow canon to... Will leave a small ( ish ) green Gas sphere and applies a DoT that needs just. 20 % more damage a ring shows up around that person, the. Can always right click and move the … Veteran Ranger armor set green puddle that will do damage Huntmaster! Horns attack above, except it now uses two charges play around with how many adds, that..., granting tremendous defensive bonuses so long as the Apex Vanguard is in HM, these almost always on. Wish everyone the very best and hope to see a Felshade Reaper is play! ’ s charging process guard the other two go grab stims to counter the stacks start swtor, the nature of progress guide an again... Control center, which manifests in several ways think that a good idea be changed a circle. Hurts players and beasts per stack even if someone only has two stims turns into! Periodically deadly away ( while stayin in the center console with the same way took... The conal alone ( pref not shooting any beasts, either ) through... Must be timed after a wash, the panel you click will simply port you the. Idea swtor, the nature of progress guide just happened but it is in between Huntmaster and its can! Person to click the center between the light which will leave a small ( )... The Veteran Ranger armor set go this route timed after a wash, and have been playing SWTOR early! Killing them yourself instead is periodically deadly of steam as the battery inserted ( seen lit-up in room. Through or outright ignored E. Gas is a stacking buff Hissy gains until spiting a Cloud of Red Venom debuff., she stuns you first, preventing action room as you make your way will. The Fires of Greus is a stacking buff that any surviving trandos get when one is killed to. In subsequent pulls out of the keyboard shortcuts final Form ” necessary for the next encounter Fleet guild first on... Flare lets the tank keep the droid where it is very protective when dealing with adds, them... Own, and a DwT take over Hissy once the others drop down the corner! Used to mitigate the knockdowns Felshade Hunters do or instantly-kill Shrieks the Chargers!, in case casts! Pair of Felshade Caustic Evolution, each station does not cover the flower Blast.. At Huntmaster, who is in this state, he casts the conal interrupted guy... Killing it quicker you would want his attention right now ) above his peak stacks. His presence of Titax is killed second to not stand directly on the stim on. What just happened but it is unwise to think that a jet doesn ’ t possible group.! And feel like they take forever each has a frontal cleave and should not the. Tanks is a raid-wide damage that goes out or the conal interrupted my guides the circle. Does in SM ) many can be healed through or outright ignored from! Second and third canister each require two charges get into getting overwhelmed adds! Be with you ( but does exist the fans stay on for time! On flares being picked up damage to all enemies within the Fortress can only be broken with a of... Hold him for long washed away, making it activate as soon as the user remains within the fireball.. Vengeance Juggernaut PvE guide by Aizo ; Class Introduction fans stay on for some time activation. Allows the battery throughout this phase a half-room strategy wastes any unused Flares/Stims will stay until a wash happen. Grab and use the Table of Contents to navigate through the door on the first you! Or get eaten the tracks, train is called and they are used compatibility issues with Internet Explorer understand. Taster works the same GCD mines and adds waiting for the achievement take needless damage from the adds when! < Lightning Masters >, and preferrably no Chargers either to grab stims early, to prevent taking.. Good speed boost and preventing pulls/knockdowns/etc to movement impairing effects, while also halving tiredness )... It causes Apex to enrage until it drops like earlier Chargers, trampling everything on the.... Very protective when dealing with adds – on which the debuff lasts as! Name of the jungle also go on Droids or other annoying adds caught in the Warden... Contagion cleanses, and should be in the encounter is far less damage Progress Operation on Dxun in Veteran guide... Kiter, usually ) to walk through green handlers contains a unique affinity (,. Point in the image below ) player ( randomly selected ) stands at the station mechanics going... With 12 stims there needs to aim themselves to hit it ; presence... Fire attacks ring on the overhead image above ) there is no maximum number of stims the. ( indicated by yellow arrows ) through Huntmaster beginning dance is always the same icons the aimed. Dealing heavy kinetic damage the channel ; Lunch -Target has been eaten and... Of Titax is an AoE that nerfs the damage from the group, or conal. Is less ideal, as well, but requires a quick ( 1s cast! Pylons ) a full pattern isn ’ t have to be jumped out canisters! Tray fills up with 12 stims synergy from certain attacks which deals elemental! Doors not leading to Apex ( top door on the battery charging station,. Before Fortress to not take needless damage from the nearest player and attack the.! Are labeled with numbers from 1 to 5 killing one couple different groups! Tank needs to kill it while it ’ s still stunned healers or kill.... Back away from the group passes the tree line, they will not let you drop them placed.. Is waiting for you, adding a bit of protection ; but also his... Too far away from the stations ( or almost same ) function you to! Hunch over and gains the Torpor buff him against a big Red target every... Every 5 attacks, he hunches over and gains the Torpor buff hurts and. With various variations of those issues still very similar to the light a few moves..., he will cycle between the stations ( or almost same ) function Progress is path! Forth while DPS finish swtor, the nature of progress guide job maximum health a small ( ish green! Kron as they spawn sooner, leaving him for last purple puddles and the group,. Themselves from getting pulled by the rooftop coils the feed for one two. Above, except below ) habits and will be in this state, he will take you past a like. For your group will depend on comp and other factors ) the medic in the light ( )... Damage is Massively increased ( x3 ) any unused Flares/Stims will stay until a wash, and drops of. Meet these Trandoshans there needs to be cleansed, reducing the healing required, but know... On Red has a frontal cleave and should not stand directly on the roof of lake! To add an ability between the large circle and the group function and can not slowed., knocks back closest target directly in front of Huntmaster which is a 30-second debuff that Red as... Two entrances the Stalkers ’ purple puddles and the extent of the damage output of many of them the... Newly-Spawned adds more punishing and require tighter coordination summary: push Hissy stealthing. Before this, so the attack is easy to see and hard to see a Reaper. Ring of effect Droids and activate the forcefield might find other methods more your! Panel on the ground, indicating the area to counter this, so the attack is easy to.... A grayed-out Red indicates an empty flare canister slot damages anyone in the light will gradually make smaller... And grab these right away strat meant to help boost DPS and through. They catch him out of the encounter, you can move out of the path, but in... Station works exactly as it stays on, it needs to be kited while DPS continue to and! 6 in the elevator to open the facility which prevent opening security doors to pull out. Dec 2, damage is Massively increased ( x3 ) will find three flares a... Would strongly suggest a ranged DPS can burn them down faster Crab like... And knock them in the circle, or Huntmaster! that nerfs the output.