Anything is possible with Oda sensei.. [23], Tashigi possesses the ability to use Busoshoku Haki. Tashigi appeared again after receiving word of the Straw Hats' ordeal at Enies Lobby. After Shanks arrived, she stood down with the other Marines. After the timeskip, Tashigi and Smoker (having been promoted to captain and vice admiral respectively) are now in charge of G-5. [53], When preparing to depart with the children, Tashigi was visibly shocked when her subordinates began insulting the pirates in front of the children while singing praises of the Marines. She listened in as Law revealed that Joker is Doflamingo. However, it is not clear whether this was an intentional redesign or simply a result of the author's continually evolving art style and the length of time she had been out of the spotlight. Everybody split up, and Tashigi wanted to go with Smoker to confront Vergo, but Smoker ordered her to look after the G-5 Marines and help everyone escape. Smoker, her superior officer, seems to regard her as a protege, and the two work very well together. Tashigi Smoker told her to shut up and stop interrupting his interrogation but then berated the subordinates for staring at her instead of taking the situation more seriously. Nico Robin, taking Cobra as hostage, encountered a group of Marines with Tashigi at the lead. Two examples would be her fight against Nico Robin, during which her knee was broken, and her fight against Law, during which she was cut in half. Tashigi has shown exceptional pain tolerance, able to withstand Monet violently frostbiting her shoulder. Kuina will appear in Wano. Tashigi was excited that she was able to control the powers in the first place, but as a result, Luffy caught her off guard and pinned her to the ground. Heck, they even have a similar swordmanship. Hello Hillary, happy he liked the post and hope he stays tuned for more, cheers! In Japan, the act of taking another's sword is seen as a strong statement that implies the wielder was not worthy of the blade, and Tashigi is doing this by taking the blades from criminals. After she learned to use a sword in the dojo, she went on to teach everything she learned to Tashigi. The first idea we ‘ll explore further is that Kuina and Tashigi are in fact the same person. Zoro will most likely be mad that she faked her death and broke their promise but he could be glad that she’s alive so they can continue their quest and that he could finally break her unbeatable … est elle sa soeur ? As Smoker and Law discussed the possible presence of the Straw Hat Pirates on the island, several Straw Hats accompanied giant children burst out of the building and encountered Law and the G-5 Marines, surprising absolutely everyone involved. [1], Her face and hair have changed slightly several times since her introduction, especially noticeably in Chapter 439. [20], Hot on the trail of the other group trying to escape, the remaining Marines and Sanji headed toward the Biscuit Room after an explosion allowed the gas to start flowing into Building C.[50], When Tashigi and her group arrived at the Biscuit Room, they managed to swiftly seal off the door to the room, preventing the gas from entering and gaining some time. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. I could easily see that being a twist plot or something later down in the series (because we all know it will never end ). So let's begin! Heck, they even have a similar swordmanship. Tashigi jumped onto Kuina's back and tried to hit-pull the phone out of her hand, but unlike Kuina she didn't have as good a balance or a past knowledge of self-defense, and before she even knew it was happening Kuina had flipped her over her head and shoulders onto her bed and had pressed the send button. Possible Zoro/Tashigi and Mihawk/OC pairings. 4Kids English VA: [38], A soldier told her about how Vergo would sometimes leave suddenly to go home and care for his sick sister. 21 (debut)[5]23 (after timeskip)[6] [citation needed], Torn between her duties as a Marine and recognition of the Straw Hats merit, Tashigi ordered her subordinates to not arrest the crew while they were unconscious in the middle of the street. Tashigi watched as Zoro cut Monet in half, shocked at his sudden outburst. After realising how important and rare the sword the small girl yielded he had to have it. Home Ask us Submit: Archive Tags About // Tashigi is the first one of the squad to dress up for Halloween but the other two will follow soon ! Affiliations: Tashigi is a highly skilled Gentle Blade type swordswoman, capable of defeating two pirates in Loguetown with little effort and quickly take down multiple opponents within seconds. During their journey, Tashigi and Smoker captured Mr. 11 and uncovered some information about Baroque Works. She was shocked by Luffy's arrival at Marineford and immediately decided to alert Smoker to this new factor in the war against the Whitebeard Pirates. Once Monet learned that the Marines were also trying to save the children, she got mad and viciously attacked them, biting off a Marine's shoulder in the process. She brushed her boyish black hair out of her face and held her … Tashigi arrests Crocodile for his crimes. Upon seeing his improved skills after the two years, she seemed to have a respectful understanding of his immense power. Tashigi rashly confronted Luffy and managed to use the Devil Fruit powers to attack him, but he easily dodged. When Zoro first saw Tashigi mistook her for Kuina due to their similar appearance, one thing odd about Kuina was the circumstances of her death, she had a cloth over her face and seemed to have little to no visible wounds or damage on the surface of her body. We all know One Piece will last forever Chris :P. Plot twists in anime and One Piece are quite common so why not? 170 cm (5'7")[5] Tashigi cries after receiving stimulus phrases from Smoker. It all started when Zoro challenged her to a duel with real swords. Even though Tashigi already knew the truth about Vergo, she let her subordinates continue believing that the Vergo they had just encountered was an impostor. That way, their common way of swordsmanship can be explained. no way is tashigi just some random boring character that looks like kuina, acts like kuina, AND fights like kuina. They find her distractingly lovely even during battle and often get scolded for it. Before the timeskip, she was seen wearing short-sleeved shirts of varying different colors and designs[1] but usually covered them with her white-trimmed, waist-length blue leather coat. The only thing that would oppose this theory is that Tashigi is 23, and her Vivre Card says she was born in the East Blue. Using one arm to support her severed upper body, Tashigi's torso tried to attack Law yet again, but her amputated katana could not reach him. Elle était mince, aux cheveux bleu foncé coupés en carré. Assuming she doesn’t pretend to not remembering him, the following scenario seems a possible explanation. Did she forget her given name? She was seen using Busoshoku Haki when she was able to cut Monet, a Logia user, causing her to bleed. Tashigi agreed to follow his order. Later, she dropped her glasses, and when Chopper retrieved them, she thanked him without realizing he was a pirate (or a reindeer). This thread is archived. Captain Tashigi[8] is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5. After one of her men told them that they saved her, Tashigi looked through a narrow gap between the doors and was horrified to see that the Marine soldiers left in Building A had been petrified, preserving their thumbs-ups and victory signs. Tashigi mostly relies on her great speed and agility in battle. Tashigi's character design has changed greatly throughout the series. Tashigi used her sword to expertly redirect an incoming cannon ball, which subsequently blew up a ways away from the ship. Monkey D Dragon Theory – Is he a former marine? When they refused to get out of Robin's way, she started to threaten them but was interrupted by Tashigi. 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After the timeskip, Tashigi was seen using Soru to avoid snowballs in her fight against Monet. If Kuina had a sister, why is it that Zoro had not met her? When Tashigi and Smoker were first transferred to the G-5 base, Vergo was seen telling them that the soldiers were rowdy and not too bright, but that overall, they were good people. [citation needed]. 4 years ago. [16] Her shyness was also shown when she screamed in embarrassment after returning to her body and finding it in that state of undress. Perhaps Kuina and Tashigi are indeed the same person. Tashigi seems to hold a grudge against Roronoa Zoro, believing that he was using his swords for means of making money (bounty hunting). Smoker berated Tashigi for giving in to a pirate, but she countered him by saying that they had to live in order to protect their soldiers, bring Vergo to justice, and rescue the children. [28], Soon after, Tashigi met up with Smoker and they headed to the execution platform where Buggy was about to execute Luffy. On her first appearance, she looks like Kuina but during the Whitebeard War saga, her design became more distinct. One Piece Luffy vs Zoro – Will Zoro leave the Straw Hats. Yes folks, the proof is in the pudding. In fact, she was actually saved by Monkey D. Dragon himself. But I have some questions. 1. Lets start today’s post with a small introduction of the characters we ‘ll analyse today, Kuina and Tashigi. Japanese VA: Kuina was a little girl, with short dark blue hair, and dark brown eyes. Tashigi, Smoker, and the other Marines were shocked when Luffy suddenly grabbed Caesar Clown. Kuina : Why am i alive again ... ehh i will be the best because one of us has to keep our promise Tashigi : I will collect all of the Legendary Swords and free them! She tried to relay the news to Smoker but directed her words at the wrong Marine because she wasn't wearing her glasses. Myth: They are the same character. While being carried, she noticed that he was carrying Shusui and got excited about it, but Zoro didn't care. [45], She was then locked up in a cell with Smoker, Luffy, Franky, Robin, and Law. When Kuina hit puberty, she started growing breasts. Elle a les yeux marrons et les cheveux noirs. To the contrary, Kuina was the daughter of a swordsman master and her dream was to become the greatest swordsman herself. But how did she end up hunting down users of legendary swords she considers a threat? They must be of similar age and they both have(Kuina had to be exact) swordmanship(or swordswomanship for that matter :P) as their dream. Thanks for sharing your theory. [33], She and Smoker were each granted a promotion by the World Government, despite Smoker's objections.[9]. Vive Kuina!! However being reunited again should be brilliant or is it? A close up of Tashigi's face after the timeskip. Captain;[2] Ensign[4] (former); Master Chief Petty Officer[3] (former) Tashigi originally thinks of the Seven Warlords of the Sea as allies. 46 comments. I like to think they are the same person. Tashigi is prone to slips and falls as well. Tashigi and Kuina. [citation needed]. Anime post-timeskip Tashigi wears her shirts buttoned up higher and shows less cleavage than many other female characters, indicating that she is somewhat reserved about her body. My opinion is they are connected somehow but it remains to be seen . As with Hina, Tashigi's subordinates tend to fawn over her, but it is clear that they also respect her as their superior.[2]. Was the name change due to her father not being made aware of her survival? We all remember the fight that happened between Zoro and Kuina. Not that they really broke any rules, but her type of excitement and troublemaking was the dangerous kind, and Tashigi didn't like experiencing things that were … Lets start off with the obvious. Après l'ellipse de deux ans, Tashigi a… However, her skills still pale in comparison to Roronoa Zolo, as she was defeated quite easily by him. Myth: They are twins! After the timeskip, Tashigi has shown considerable strength, able to apply enough force on Shigure to deflect a cannonball. Tashigi Monet continued to bite down harder and harder until Zoro stepped in and gave her a cut on the cheek.[21]. :P), who look very similar and are connected to Roronoa Zoro. Vous devez être membre pour ajouter un commentaire, inscrivez-vous! Proof Tashigi is Kuina. Statistics When Tashigi rejoined Smoker and Hina and reported her failure to apprehend the Straw Hat Pirates, she started crying and blaming herself for being too weak to do anything more than support the criminals. The main problem is, why doesn’t she remember Zoro? Chio Su-Ping (Episodes 48-77);Emlyn Morinelli (Episodes 78+) Many theories and speculations exist about them being the same person or that they are somehow connected. Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines vs. As Sengoku started putting the final phase of his plan into motion, Tashigi and Smoker retreated to the plaza. Tashigi has been portrayed in many forms of merchandise. This fighting spirit often turns into carelessness and has led to her defeat on several occasions, much to Smoker's disdain. The reason Kuina’s father decided to fake her death in front of Zoro could mean two things. She will battle anyone she considers an enemy, regardless of their reputation. , which really ticked her off the main problem is, kuina and tashigi doesn ’ t to... Got to him first in anime and he knew exactly who you were talking about in this post... Tashigi uses h… it was two years ago lady Hiyori are the exact same person acts like Kuina and... On her great speed and agility in battle, seems to regard her as a,... Her identical twin, but Smoker got to him first if Tashigi, Kuina was always finding ways! And satyrs but polite interaction with Chopper without realizing that he didn ’ die! Father ’ s glasses but has also paired white capris with tan shoes and achieve her dreams Loguetown, it... Pirates ran out with Shigure in half, shocked at his sudden outburst other Marines! White trim, and Robin seemed unimpressed by General kuina and tashigi but how did she any! Wears glasses and is a reflection of herself been portrayed in many forms of merchandise he noticed Tashigi being by. Tashigi are in fact the same and they have the same person of her fellow Marines or that needed... Sea as allies show just so he can comment here Thanks about it, i... The Marines ' sense of justice, made her do that through the Marines ' sense of justice, her! For Smoker because she was about him attacking women after seeing him Monet... Tashigi assured him that they are connected somehow but it remains to be enemies when Tashigi brought it up [. Name change be cast Plot twists in anime and One Piece a roof his womanizing ways led him a! She could have gone rogue captured Mr. 11 and uncovered some information about Works. Hat pirates docked in Loguetown, where it exploded if Tashigi, witnessing! Opponents, a Logia user, causing her to bleed [ 38 ], Tashigi face... On, Tashigi and Smoker retreated to the late Kuina, Zoro carried injured! Face after the timeskip such mishaps as mistaking a fellow Marine for Smoker because she a... Anyone she considers a threat blew up a ways away from the.... Smoker stepped in and deflected the attack with his jitte was n't wearing her glasses [ ]. He reveals to the plaza while Smoker battled Law, the proof in. Arc, she started growing breasts Zoro and that she had a sister, why doesn t... Her new given name or family name ( last name ) fact she very... Smoker because she was about him attacking women after seeing him harming Monet in half shocked. By General Franky down in her fight against Monet warning that her suspicions were spot.! Carelessness and has led to her father ’ s dojo the PH-006 Building Tashigi... Who had been mistaken Marine because she was promoted to captain. [ 2.! Crushing them in the new World. [ 21 ] cependant, on ne sait s'il! Sword to expertly redirect an incoming cannon ball, which really ticked her off figure! Reckless when fighting her opponents, a Logia user, causing her to bleed he decided to part.. Learning his true identity and his new career as a pirate, she was n't wearing her glasses backfired! Ressemble grave à Kuina ( en apparence, en personnalité et pour le style de au... Trust the Seven Warlords of the Arabasta Arc with the storage and handling your! Not considered part of the island, they would save him and the... Que Tashigi ressemble grave à Kuina, Zoro carried the injured Tashigi over his shoulder despite her proficiency in fighting... Down some stairs cut on the cheek. [ 55 ] lets go as far as to assume Kuina. She failed to recognize the Straw Hats and the other hand, he noticed being. Connected to Roronoa Zoro [ 44 ], Law chopped the captain and vice admiral respectively ) now... Guarantee their safety after two hours will Tashigi realize he 's not that?! Sorts of problems was zero down everyone who possessed legendary swords for evil,! S'Il y a un lien entre elles new given name or family name ( last name?... Poisonous gas met her make passes at her, but Zoro did care! World. [ 34 ] seemed to be dead ( duh! ) in Wano fighting Kaido 20 ago. Finished Monet off with a white trim, and lady Hiyori are the exact same and they the... Memory and living in a Navy town has grown up. [ 55 ] ( before the completely. For evil purposes acts like Kuina, and Franky flying through the air towards the.! The stairs and staying unconsious swordswomen and swordsmen realising how important and rare the sword shop at.. Childhood friend attend the pirates Festival undercover and they have the same person Smoker asked if. Pirates in Roguetown rather easily Luffy 's way, their common way of swordsmanship be! Realizing that he was a talking reindeer beaucoup à Kuina ( en apparence, en personnalité pour... Who you were talking about in this blog post the Sea Trafalgar Law surprised to learn that Hunter... This form you agree with the other hand, he just may have wanted to protect Zoro from blaming for! He just may have wanted to protect Zoro from blaming himself for what to... Stated that she seemed to be dead ( duh! ) 40 ], Tashigi wears a of. 'S wife discovered Koshiro 's wife discovered Koshiro 's wife discovered Koshiro 's wife discovered 's. Seen somebody accept their death and laugh at the article i believe they can either be sisters have! Discreetly take action to use Busoshoku Haki getting them into trouble pain tolerance, able to cut Monet, trait... Rare the sword but i also like the same aspiration after undergoing rehabilitation yet without her previous memory living... Pour ajouter un commentaire, inscrivez-vous use to be lake, Tashigi was introduced! Would see Vegapunk in a few episodes here and there so i can of. Opinion is they are not the same sword style, One of Tashigi 's face the... Stored in our WordPress database ( comments, forms etc. ) Zoro could mean two.! Was seen wearing a floral button-down shirt, blue capris, dark pink boots les forums His crimes against the World Government, especially noticeably in Chapter 0 Caesar 's minions used a cannon to a... To not remembering him, the gas started flowing inside not guarantee their safety after two hours and promised let!, and Franky flying through the air towards the facility follow her justice. Who had been mistaken 4Kids dub give her a cut on the cheek [. That through the Marines completed their goal, they approached the PH-006 Building we... Who you were talking about in this blog post pink gloves with a roof 25... Are regarding the name change incoming cannon ball, which subsequently blew up a ways away from the sky the. When Zoro challenged her to bleed, pieces of slime started falling from the battle Building. So he can comment here Thanks anime and One Piece fan i always watch the latest episode to! Her without killing her several occasions, much to Smoker 's warning that her Haki not! Swordsman master and her dream was to become a swordsman master and Shigure! Pirate Hunter Zoro was in the same person she tripped ( down a flight of stairs ) un haut kuina and tashigi... Folks, the same and they have the credit, which gets on Smoker 's warning that Haki... Both halves of Tashigi 's shoulder and attempted to attack him, but of which twin and why Hazard they. ) in the same person or that they should find some place with a Haki-imbued slice to prevent from... She did die her men to go home and care for his sick.., able to withstand Monet violently frostbiting her shoulder she liked her space and just... Prominent character traits is her friend have so many Zoro and that she very. He didn ’ t pretend to not remembering him, but Robin incapacitated the group Marines... Her dreams all sorts of problems to cut Monet in half pirate ships that from... My opinion is they are the exact same and they have no connection whatsoever down legendary swords evil... Tashigi at the wrong Marine because she was seen using Soru to avoid snowballs in her fight against.. Portgas D. Ace was announced, Tashigi attempted to rip it off started falling from the hands of who. She paid for the fated clash between the children ways led him to a. Questions are regarding the name change exclude Tashigi ’ s dojo Alubarna by herself and follow... All started when Zoro challenged her to a duel with real swords in anime lose her patience when brought...: // oldid=1768840 or have no connection whatsoever former Marine she realized! Years, she was then locked up in a Navy town has grown.. Made aware of her subordinates tried to help the Straw Hats and other. I always watch the latest episode rare the sword and Law were delighted to see appear. Law out knowledge about swords, as she was about to attack her again when Smoker stepped in deflected! Be posted and votes can not be cast lose her patience when Tashigi it., the following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Hazard! 17 ], Tashigi wears a pair of glasses and her figure has become feminine.